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African Dream Root - Synaptolepsis Kirkii

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100% powdered Synaptolepsis Kirkii, Uvuma-omhlope.

Synaptolepis Kirkii roots is a sacred plant whose roots have traditionally been used by South African tribes such as the Zulu and Xhosa for supernatural mental abilities, divination and ancestral contact. Known indigenously as Uuma-Omholpe, Kirkii is similar to another South African ethnobotanical root, silene capensis, since both roots (ubulawu) are used as a lucid dreaming aids. Synaptolepis Kirikii therefore joins silene capensis and calea zacatechichi, a plant native to the Oaxacan mountains of Mexico, in the class of substances known as oneirogens. All of these are available from World Seed Supply.

These lucid dreaming substance are typically characterized by assisting with deep sleep, enhanced dream activity, increased dream recall and ultimately lucid dreaming. They are tools that can have varying effects depending on the individual and which usually are most effective as part of a regular regimen. The ultimate goal is to be able to recognize a dream in progress and control its direction. Mastery of this is a true super power since one could conceivably do anything at this point, including have the ability to fly.