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Hair Oil

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A very nourishing hair oil/serum. Can be used as a pre conditioner or as a treatment to encourage hair growth, hair condition, protect against damage, prevent split ends and help scalp disorders.

To use as a pre conditioner rub a tiny amount over palms of hands, then spread throughout hair and ends. Leave for a couple of minutes before washing.

To use as a treatment once or twice a week massage into scalp and hair, leave for 20 minutes or over night, then shampoo. May need to shampoo twice. 

100% natural ingredients: coconut oil, jojoba oil* (to deeply nourish the hair and scalp), argan oil* and essential oils of geranium*cedarwood*ylang ylang* extra & rosemary* (to encourage hair growth, balance and condition). *Organic ingredients

Vegan, plastic free & not tested on animals.

Coconut oil fractionated is full of of antioxidant and antibacterial properties. This variety of coconut oil is very light and quickly absorbed by hair. It penetrates hair strands, adds protection and helps prevent damage. Coconut Fractionated oil is one of the best oils for heat protection.

Jojoba oil is extremely similar to the sebum that the scalp naturally produces. It soothes the scalp and can be used on dry scalp problems and dandruff. It also hydrates hair from the inside of the hair shaft. So it works well as an agent for reducing hygral fatigue (the swelling and shrinking of hair as it it gets wet and dries that can weaken the hair fibre over time). As a conditioner jojoba helps to add shine, elasticity, volume and softness to hair.

Argan oil is full of vitamin E and extremely nourishing to the hair and scalp.

Geranium essential oil is soothing and balancing.

Cedarwood essential oil is stimulating and promotes hair growth.

Ylang ylang essential oil promotes hair growth and is very good for dry scalps and brittle hair.

Rosemary essential oil when applied over the scalp rosemary essential oil helps stimulate hair growth. Many people also claim that it can prevent baldness, slows graying, and can be used for dandruff and dry scalp.

50ml / 100ml