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Traditional Chinese Formulas

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We can mix most Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Formulas as granules to dissolve in hot water. The price varies according to the herbs used, but an average price is 60 euro per 100g. Please email to get a formula mixed from our dispensary

Our Chinese Herbs come from Phoenix Medical who have the following quality assurance:

At Phoenix Medical our vision is to provide authenticated, high quality herbal medicine to practitioners within the UK and Europe. We strongly believe in evidence-based application and the provision of appropriate medicine.

Our herbal products are produced using the DaoDi concept, whereby they are cultivated and harvested in precise geographical locations, with specific attention to prohibiting sulphur treatment.

Our raw herbs are sourced from contracted suppliers, who either have their own sourcing channels or GAP certified fields and GMP factories that adhere to both Chinese and European standards.

Our herbal granules are produced by the world's largest concentrated herbal extract manufacturer - Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, part of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm), the leading organisation with regards to setting the standard for Chinese Pharmacopeia concentrated herbal medicine. Tianjiang's laboratories have recently been awarded CNAS certification for their state of the art technology; this certification is internationally recognised in the EU and across the world.

Our supplier uses the spray drying granulation method to produce herbal extracts which produces a concentration ratio that is 200% higher than most of brands on the market. Currently over 70% of the top AAA grade hospitals in China as well as more than 1 billion people in the world benefit from using Tianjiang herbal granules.


Every batch of herbs is fully traceable to its original source and is provided with a full Certificate of Analysis, which screens for active ingredients, pesticides, microbiology and heavy metals, to comply with EU regulations. These are available to both practitioners and patients for reference.

As an official supplier to the NHS, for both herbs and acupuncture needles and also an RCHM approved supplier of herbal products, our daily operations are strictly regulated and follow relevant standard requirements. We disclose information on each batch of herbs for public inspection and each product is covered by a �2 million pound liability. Furthermore, through our work with the NHS, our herbs have also been chosen by the Royal Botanic Gardens, the British Pharmacopoeia Working Group and a significant number of TCM teaching universities and institutes across the UK and Europe.